Monday, February 24, 2020
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As part of Select-TV's offering, we offer a suite of consultancy services to customers to ensure critical decisions on infrastructure is made to ensure cost effectiveness and future proof.
Consultancy services offered:
New Build or Renovation for Hotels / Hospitals:
Select-TV's consulting team has been involved in more than 50 new build hospitality premise in more than 10 countries globally. Our knowledge base of the strategies, processess, technical and operational requirements of such projects will ensure your property is well planned and decision well made. Examples of consultancy work:
    • IP Converged Infrastructure
    • In Room Entertainment Strategy
    • Public Display Requirements
    • TV Requirements
    • Guests Connectivity Strategy
Existing Hotels / Hospitals Upgrading Guests Services
As part of your guests services upgrades, Select-TV's experienced consulting teams will add value by providing extensive and in depth insight to guests requirements. We truly understand what your customers demand and the most effective and efficient way to deliver such services. Our Project Management team will be able to assist and provide valuable advise to your property throughout the entire upgrading or renovation initiative to ensure you make the right decisions on infrastructure and systems.