Monday, February 24, 2020
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Support & Maintenance

In every implementation, a strong technical support and maintenance service plays a vital role in ensuring that systems run at its peak during its lifespan. SELECT-TV™ solution is one that has a well equipped support and maintenance strategy to ensure that all technical and functional capabilities run at its maximum capacity, and that all hotel staff and guests utilize all the features of the system effectively to get the most out of the system.

Our Strategy
When a customer relies on SELECT-TV™ to deliver value added services to its end users (guests, patients or subscribers), it’s critical to get prompt responses to requests for technical support and maintenance services. Select-TV offers an array of support services to respond to needs for technical support and maintenance accurately and reliably through its global network of partners and joint venture companies.
Our local branch office will be employed as the central hub for all support and maintenance services. This would be further strengthened by our support and maintenance centers located in major cities providing first hand assistance when the need arises. Our support and maintenance centers will employ the following strategies to provide superior support and maintenance services.
  • Provision of user training, support documents and user manuals for all software and hardware that is required for first level maintenance of SELECT-TV™.
  • One stop 24 X 7 helpdesk/call centre (Centralised Call Centre) to handle requests for SELECT-TV™ technical support and any reports/complaints from staff and hotel guests
  • Experienced and qualified Customer Support Engineers and technicians in our Response Centre and also our Support Centres that are trained in responding and resolving issues
  • Comprehensive maintenance services program to complement the support services as well as ensure that all equipment and software provided are in working order and well updated to guarantee continuous use of the equipment and software