Friday, July 19, 2024
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EMAGINE for Hotels



SELECT-TV™ technical architecture is designed to run on the IP convergence platform delivering all in-room communication, entertainment and information requirements via a single IP infrastructure. This ensures the quality and reliability of SELECT-TV™. 
The ability of maintaining the proposed solution including future components added to the architecture. An optimal technical architecture will be able to leverage the proposed infrastructure and future investments.
As physical developments within the establishment proceeds, the system will also need to handle the changing needs either by removing, modifying or incrementally adding new hardware on top of what initially existed. Therefore, the hardware used are easily modifiable and replaceable assuring no disruption in the functionality of the establishment whilst upgrades.
The ability to either scale the technical architecture vertically or horizontally by the dimensions of transactional volume, data storage and also concurrent or total user base. As additional processing weight is added on to the solution, incremental processing capability can also be added.
High Availability
The ability to provide direct accessibility at all times and maintain appropriate response time. This design supports availability using fail-over strategies. The architecture is resilient to multiple, single-points of failure and is designed with the following objectives in mind.
  • To sustain peak load conditions
  • For high performance
  • Consistent low latency
The ability to incorporate safety features which will promote a secure computing environment without compromising the user-friendliness characteristics of the solution. SELECT-TV is designed, built and maintained under the highest performance and security levels thus ensuring your establishment with functionalities such as performance monitoring, scalable options, information backup as well as information recovery.