Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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EMAGINE for Homes




Key benefits Select-TV delivers to telcos and operators with EMAGINE Homes are:

Product & Platform
An end to end platform and superior product that meets consumer demands. EMAGINE Homes has been proven to be an OTT or IPTV product that consumers demand instead of just another box provided by the operator
Speed to market is the key to first mover advantage. EMAGINE Homes is designed to enable extremely fast deployment. Select-TV has successfully deploy an end to end OTT service within 3 months from project inception.
EMAGINE Homes is designed to be very scalable enabling operators to start really small and scale fast. This allows a very cost effective approach to deploying an OTT or IPTV platform.
Due to the superiority of both the set top box and the back end CMS, EMAGINE Homes has been proven to be able to deliver much more advanced services and capabilities to consumers thus generating more revenue than traditional IPTV boxes and platforms.