Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Monitoring System

SELECT-TV™ Monitoring System is an advanced live monitoring system of SELECT-TV™ health in all premises. Used as the main tool for all SELECT-TV™ support personnel, this system allows advanced remote troubleshooting features for SELECT-TV™ Support Organization.

SELECT-TV™ Monitoring System is a web based system accessible from anywhere and anytime using PC with browser or hand held devices with GPRS or 3G capabilities. Enforced with advanced security technology, access is restricted only to authorized personnel. Customer personnel will be given access to this system but restricted to only premise managed.
 Key capabilities are:
  • View of all premised installed with SELECT-TV™
  • In-depth information on all SELECT-TV™ components including hardware, software and network from PMS linkage to temperature of set top box in each room.
  • Triggers to alert call centre personnel for pro-active support from screen and other communication medium such as SMS and email.
  • Dynamic setting of triggers to allow customization of triggers for frequent issues specific to particular premises