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Support & Maintenance

Support Services

Service Level Assurance
The following table summarizes the Service Level Assurance provided by Select-TV.
Response Time
Average Resolution Time
SELECT-TV Set Top Box*
below an hour
SELECT-TV Server(s)
24 hours
Network Equipment
24 hours
SELECT-TV Application Systems
below an hour
Note: -
We propose to store at least 1% of the SELECT-TV STBs and its related peripherals at the installation site in order to perform an instant 1 to 1 replacement of faulty units, in the event of a support request
Issue Escalation
Our commitment is to provide a response to any request for Support Services within two hours via telephone or email, and if necessary, to provide on-site support within a maximum period of eight (8) hours. The following diagram shows the escalation process in managing and reporting the issues and incidences. Hotel staffs and guests will have various channels to log their request for Support Services. These channels include:
In brief, the issue escalation process begins with a support request originating from the resort guests or its staff members. Regardless of the method of communication, the support request will be attended by our C3 first level customer support staffs. Depending on the nature of the call, the customer support staffs will respond by providing the necessary support services to either resort staff or guest.  There are two types of Support Requests:
Call Assistance
Most call assistance will be resolved by our C3. In the event that, C3 is unable to resolve the service requests, within one (1) hour from the Service Requests being received by C3, a Customer Support Engineer in RC will be assigned to look into the problem and the resort staff or guest will be contacted accordingly for further investigation and problem resolution. If the Customer Support Engineer is unable to solve the problem, a Customer Support Engineer from SC will be dispatched to the premise to conduct on-site support. The Unit Head will be notified of all Service Requests every four (4) hours and the Operation Manager will be notified of all Service Requests every twenty four (24) hours.
On-Site Support
Within eight (8) hours, a Customer Support Engineer will be dispatched to the premise to solve the problem. Upon resolution of the service ticket, C3 will be notified and the resolution will be communicated back to the requester.