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Support & Maintenance

Maintenance Services

For maintenance of the SELECT-TV™, we are proposing the following types of maintenance service to be carried out throughout the duration of the contract:

Preventive Maintenance
It is proposed that scheduled preventive maintenance is carried out once every six (6) months during the contractual period. These scheduled appointments will be made by the Support Centre team of engineers during the Prime Hours Support Service for the following activities to be carried out in order to maintain the hardware equipment in good working order:-
  • Running diagnostic programs on the SELECT-TV hardware equipment
  • Replacement, without additional costs, whether in respect of labour or parts, etc. where replacement is necessary for the normal functioning of the SELECT-TV hardware equipment
  • Any other tests or adjustments necessary to keep the hardware equipment and software in the working order mandated by the technical specification of the SELECT-TV equipment
  • Dusting, vacuuming and shampooing of relevant SELECT-TV equipment
After each preventive maintenance exercise, a standard maintenance verification form is used to verify that the necessary preventive maintenance tasks were done. This form will be verified by the users and for reference purposes, a copy of the form will be submitted to management at the hotel.
Remedial Maintenance
Remedial Maintenance covers the services required to restore equipment to a condition that will enable it to perform in accordance to its specifications when the occurrence of an incidence requiring maintenance happens during periods of operation by the user. Based on the urgent requirements of the hospitality industry, we will provide unlimited remedial support within the Prime Hours Service Support and Non Prime Hours Service Support, and all problems will be logged and recorded.If any planned system downtime is required, we will notify the resort at least 48 hours before the downtime or any other appropriate time as required by the management of the hotel.
With the maintenance program in place as described in the previous paragraphs, remedial maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum thus yielding a high degree of equipment and system availability to the users.
Maintenance Service Features
The table below briefly describes the features of our maintenance service offering to the hotel for the support and maintenance.
Delivery Specifications
24 X 7 Remote Monitoring
Computer products are designed to operate within specific power, temperature, airborne contaminant and humidity ranges.
Our C3 agents monitor these environmental conditions 24 X 7 and conduct pro-active troubleshooting.
Remote support
Prior to any necessary on-site assistance, C3 may initiate and perform remote diagnostics to facilitate problem resolution.
Remote support include Predictive support which helps to transform unplanned downtime to scheduled maintenance through early warning and prevention of potential problems.
On-Site hardware support
Work to completion
Engineering improvement
Our maintenance engineers travel to the installation site and provide labour, parts and materials necessary to maintain the hardware and software.
The maintenance engineers are trained to diagnose and correct product malfunctions and failures. All replacement parts are new or equivalent to new and all replaced parts will be sent back for inventory purposes.
Once our maintenance engineer reaches the sites, the maintenance engineer would perform all the necessary steps and procedures to rectify the problem or as long as reasonable progress is being made. This would be done to ensure performance consistency in the SELECT-TV™ solution
Our maintenance engineer would install appropriate engineering improvements and software updates to ensure maximum performance and maintain compatibility with the hardware replacement parts that was supplied.
License for Software updates
We provide software update services to update SELECT-TV™ accordingly. The update will depend on the Terms and Conditions of our Support and Maintenance Agreement and depend on the licensing of the software.
Software media and documentation
Whenever we update SELECT-TV™ and related software, the latest revisions of the software and reference manuals will be made available to the customer. The media types available for software and documentation updates include tape, disk, paper, electronic and CD ROM.
Complete network documentation
Network documentation for the installation site will be updated annually. The network map will be stored in the SELECT-TV™ Monitoring System for future reference and quick problem identification. All components installed will be serialized and documented in the system. Information such as MAC address, model, configuration, etc. are stored.