Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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EMAGINE for Healthcare



Gone are the days when the Healthcare industry is managed like a government owned organization. Today's healthcare industry is competitive, sophisticated and of course, global. Apart from just providing healthcare related services, Hospitals today need to focus on patient engagement to create the "customer relationship" much needed to stay relevant in the market. A patient centric approach is much required as patients today demands total healthcare service and not just "one off" visits.

Recognizing this trend and market forces affecting the industry, Select-TV's EMAGINE Healthcare solution offers healthcare practitioners the platform and the tools to enhance patient engagement. EMAGINE Healthcare delivers the following key strategic objectives for Hospitals and Medical Centres:
  • Continuous Patient Engagement - enabling hospitals to continuously engage the patient without additional headcount
  • Patient Education & Awareness - ensuring patients obtain the necessary information at all times including filtered EHRs and other related health information
  • Patient Comfort & Recovery - providing the necessary content and services that assist in patient comfort and recovery
  • Process Efficiency & Effectiveness - enabling process efficiency improvements