Friday, July 19, 2024
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EMAGINE for Hotels



Based on our experience in more than 20,000 hotel rooms, we have pin-pointed the drivers that are the movers and shakers of the hospitality business. With Select-TV™, your operations will enjoy the following benefits:

Improved Service Quality & Guests Satisfaction
Interactive and automated service requests – room service, hotel services, etc.
Personalized service delivery – guests greetings, personalized messages, etc.
New services and capabilities for guests – video on demand, live radio, internet, etc.
Improved Efficiency
Process automation – minibar, service requests, etc.
Billing automation – direct integration with PMS, flexible charging models, etc.
Advanced capabilities requiring minimal human intervention. With complete integration with common property management systems, Select-TV™ is fully automated and all information and processes are seamlessly integrated into property’s backend processes.
Increased Yield
New revenue streams – up to 9 new revenue streams are delivered via Select-TV™
Increased revenue for existing offerings – Select-TV™ improved guests interaction for revenue generating services
 Improved Brand Image & Customer Loyalty
Ability to deliver multi-media content and brand messages right into guests room
Provide personalized services to guests